Summer Pup Pops

Easy Recipes

With summer around the corner, we wanted to share a paw-licking, yummy, easy, and HEALTHY recipe for our Summer Pup Pops. This 3-ingredient delicious summer snack will definitely be loved by the whole family (but most especially your pup!)

0% Fat PLAIN Greek Yogurt
Banana (The riper, the better!)
Plain Peanut Butter (Be sure to check the label... no additives, no fake sugars -- JUST peanut butter)

Determine the quantity you want to make
Mix all three ingredients in a blender
Fill ice cube tray with contents and place in freezer
Wait until frozen and serve as a midday snack or a yummy dessert

**Tip: You can also pour contents into disposable 3 oz Dixie cups and then place a wooden stick or even a small bone (like a dog treat or dental stick). You can then remove the frozen pup pop from the Dixie cup and stick the popsicle end into the ground so that your pup can enjoy it effortlessly (and less mess for you!)


Let us know what you think and if you have any recipes you would like us to feature!