Want to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition they need?


Should Dogs Take Vitamins?

YES!! Dogs should absolutely take vitamins!
Did you know commercial OR raw dog food does not give full nutritional support that each pup may require?
The lack of healthy essentials that are often left out of commercial dog food has even been linked to a variety of health issues from arthritis, diarrhea, inflammation, skin & coat problems, obesity and more.

We all know prevention is easier than having to find a cure. 
At PAWWZ™, we believe that taking this preventative measure can help our furry friends live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Multivitamin Chews with Hemp

One PAWWZ™ chew a day keeps the vet away. Multivitamins are essential... not just for humans, but dogs too! Hemp Seed Oil and our proprietary blend of probiotics works wonders against arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, and more. 

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For the heart, skin and immune system

Priobiotic Blend

Improves gut health & digestion

Hemp Seed Oil

Improves  heart and brain function, inflammation & MORE!

Flax Seed

Contains Fatty Acids that help boost immunity


Helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals


The day you got your furry best friend is one of the best moments in your life. We owe them a longer life as they grow old with us. Keep their bones stronger, their mind sharper, and their heart healthier as you em-BARK on your next great adventure.


We look after your dog's health as much as your dog looks at his favorite treats (yes, we're that serious).

We Choose the Healthier Chews

Our pets love us since we give them tasty treats they want. Let's love them back by giving them the HEALTHY CHEWS THEY NEED.

The Superfood That's Super Good

Pawwz only uses premium ingredients like Hemp Oil and vitamins that will be super good for your dude's (or dudette's) mind, body, heart, coating, and more!  Oh, and did I say it tastes like bacon?


Save a dog's life with PAWWZ™

Every year, 8-12 million dogs are euthanized in the US. 10% of our annual profits will go to shelters to help KEEP THEM ALIVE AND WELL.

Join us as we commit to a healthier life for both your dog, and the millions of other pups who need proper homes and nutrition. 

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